SAESI Transition from Classroom to Virtual Examinations

The Southern African Emergency Services Institute as Non-Profit Company and Recognised SAQA Professional Body, have had as part of its vision and mission the professionalisation and standard setting for the Fire and Emergency Community since its inception in 1959. We are a member-based organisation valuing its members and their contribution to SAESI and the industry at large.

Having to re-invent and adapt to ever changing circumstances over its existence, we as an Institute again face a new challenge with the rest of the world brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. SAESI respects and supports the Southern African Government and its structures.

As such we also adhere to there regulations guiding us through this pandemic. The world will never be the same and we cannot wait for the same ‘normality’ to be re-established before we continue with the business of SAESI or just carry on where we left off.

It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that we have developed an e-platform for the writing of the SAESI Member Examinations for the Legacy Qualifications in Fire Technology.

Achievements so far….

  • Digitization of the SAESI Examination Banks for all Fire Technology Subjects and Levels
  • Registration BOT [Electronic Virtual Administration Application [APP]
  • Completed Electronic Examination Application [APP] for Higher Certificate Legacy Qualification in Fire Technology
  • Developed Electronic Examination Application [APP] for Diploma and Higher Diploma Legacy Qualification in Fire Technology
  • No additional costs to the current enrolled members for the Legacy Qualification in Fire Technology

The process to be followed:

SAESI Administration has already pre-registered all students who enrolled and received confirmation of registration for the April 2020 Examination on the Electronic APP.

However, each student needs to register and activate his/her own e-portal or account. Once this step has been completed, you will be on the electronic system and need not do it again apart from maintenance where your details have changed for example. Upload of evidence for your records can also continue hereafter.

For “how to – step by step” refer to each Guideline Document.
These will be made available to each student and on the SAESI Website soon.

Benefits to Students

  • Continuation of the Fire Technology Legacy Member Qualification
  • One fee structure
  • Three attempts within a cycle at no extra cost
  • Immediate Results
  • Same high standard and opportunity for further development
  • No more classroom setups
  • Personal Flexibility
  • Improved security

We therefore urge our members to continue their studies, start preparing and benefit from this innovation.

Salome van den Berg
Chief Executive Officer
Southern African Emergency Services Institute NPC
295 Jorissen Street, Off Voortrekker
Krugersdorp 1739
Contact Numbers:
+27 11 660-5672
+27 11 660-7555
Fax (086) 544-0008

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