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4. Code of Ethics and Conduct

To constitute a member driven professional organization, to promote safety of the community and aspiration of its members through the promotion of all aspects of emergency services.


SAESI, a professional emergency services organisation dedicated to the protection of life, property and the environment.

Fire fighting has grown, developing through the years, guided by SAESI into a professional discipline many are proud to call their own through our emergency service training. The united voice of SAESI is proud to have, through the years, successfully guided and developed the industry into the giant it has become today through the use of effective emergency service training.

 Our history

With the inception of the Southern African Fire Services Institute (SAFSI) in 1959, many things changed and advanced and, for the first time in South African history of firefighting, the South African firefighter was able to qualify for a diploma in fire engineering by passing the examination of the Institute of Fire Engineers.

Probably the greatest achievement of SAESI to date is the fact that after the founding of the Institute, firemen were viewed as professionals and not seen to be “brawny and not-so-brainy” men involved in skilled labour. A fully qualified technician was seen to be a skilled technician with the knowledge of using modern equipment, applying techniques to undertake the full range of firefighting, road accidents and work on all kinds of emergencies.

Today’s firefighter is expected to carry out duties, that they’ve been taught in emergency service training, such as equipment maintenance, ambulance work and civil defense. They must also adhere to the National Building Act of 1977 and prepare a fire safety plan designated building frequented by the public .

2017 – 2019 M Ramlall eThekwini  
2017 – 2019 AF Wehr (Vice President) Milnerton  
2015 – 2017 D Padayachee Private  
2013 – 2015 OS Masibi Ekurhuleni  
2009 – 2013 MP Mosia Ekurhuleni  
2006 – 2009 DN Naidoo Rural Metro  
2005 – 2006 JS Ismail East London  
2003 – 2005 MW Pretorius Kimberly  
2001 – 2003 JL Alberts Pretoria  
1999 – 2001 HJ Fouche Paarl  
1997 – 1999 J Jakobsen Private  
1995 – 1997 AF Cloete Johannesburg Deceased
1992 – 1995 NJ Swanepoel Boksburg Deceased
1990 – 1992 CLG Nicholis Port Elizabeth Deceased
1988 – 1990 RG Cloete Roodepoort  
1986 – 1988 WP du Plessis Pretoria Deceased
1984 – 1986 HJ Wentzel Windhoek Deceased
1982 – 1984 G Davey Alberton Deceased
1980 – 1982 WE Kenny East London Deceased
1978 – 1980 N Prinsloo Worcester Deceased
1976 – 1978 JA Smit Germiston Deceased
1974 – 1976 ESC Barber Nigel Deceased
1972 – 1974 PF Davey Pretoria Deceased
1970 – 1972 FA Veldhuizen Cape Town Deceased
1968 – 1970 LJ Terre-Blanche Brakpan Deceased
1965 – 1968 WY Marais Goodwood Deceased
1964 – 1965 WS Britton Pietermartizburg Deceased
1963 – 1964 AS Botes Roodepoort Deceased
1962 – 1963 EA Mason East London Deceased
1961 – 1962 CH Haasbroek Parow Deceased
1960 – 1961 JA Bryant Kimberley Deceased
1959 – 1960 NJL Swanepoel Krugersdorp Deceased
The Southern African Emergency Services Institute is structured as follows:
Branches: Chairperson
  Station Representative
Council: Board of Directors
  Prescribed Officers of Working Groups
Working Groups: Chairpersons
EXCO: Presidency
  Working Group
Presidency: President
  Immediate past president
Board of Directors: Independent Chairperson
  Deputy Chairperson
  Honorary Treasurer
  Executive Directors/CEO
  Non-executive Directors
Head Office: CEO
  Administrative Officers

SAQA Registration

SAESI - SAQA Registration

SAESI House, 295 Jorrisen Street
Off Voortrekker Road
Monument, Krugersdorp

Tel: +27 (0)11 660 7555 or +27 (0)11 660 5672
Fax: +27 (0)86 544 0008 or +27 (0)11 660 1887
Email: info@saesi.com

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