2 thoughts on “Board of Directors – Special Session

  1. Good morning,I am from cape town,what i see in this decision is that the fire fighters from north side are sorted meaning it is clearly stated the university where they can study or enroll their higher certificate,But the fire fighters of southern region meaning Cape town it is not specified where they can enroll their higher certificate,specific university,Can you please specify for us where in Cape town can we enroll our higher certificate for 2018 please,I thank you.

    1. Good morning. You can contact the TUT campuses in Cape Town for more information. We have also included the Durban office information for the reader who are situated in KZN.

      Cape Town Campus
      Unit 5A
      Bellpark Office Plaza
      Cape Town
      Tel: 021 945 3996

      Durban Campus
      125 Florence Nzama Street
      North Beach
      Tel: 031 337 0888

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