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Be true to yourself

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By: Juggie Padayachee – chairperson of the SAESI education committee

previewThe recent articles in newspapers and over the national news has indicated alleged fraudulent practices carried out by students whilst attempting their examinations at schools.

This is not new but this alleged practices is also being carried out by some firefighters during their examinations. Being a very sensitive issue, these matters were dealt with as per the rules and regulations of the exams.

During the past few years there has been an increase in these fraudulent practices and reports have been submitted by the invigilators and in some cases by students themselves to ensure that all qualifications are obtained through studying and not through unethical means.

The reports submitted were (among others) for:

  • Swopping of answer books.
  • Crib notes.
  • Swopping cover pages of answer books.

This was not published before but I think it is high time that people know about these alleged practices. I have the greatest respect for people who are honest in what they are doing. The alleged fraudsters must note that we are serious about education and that all necessary steps are taken to prevent this.

Some people take offence when they are disciplined via a tribunal and they feel they are the victims in the whole process. This is not true as you are given an opportunity to defend your actions, please note the process as follows. Myself as the chairperson nominates people to do the investigations and then deal with the matter and signs the letter where a sanction is given. All these outcomes are sent to the chief fire officer and the municipal manager of the area of jurisdictions. This is done as one must consider that the managers use these qualifications for promotions, give you time off to write, allows study leave, and in some instances even pay for the studies.

A plea to all students: go in with a positive attitude, study hard, write these exams, and you will pass. I always remind people of how proud I am of them when they obtain these qualifications. This way you can proudly hang them on your wall, knowing that you deserve it and earned it the right way.

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SAESI membership explained

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By:  Ilze Kubirske – Senior writer

It is important for members to know how membership works and how and when cards are issued. The SAESI membership cards are issued to paying members and members that are in good standing. The cards are issued from 1 October and will only be given to paid members who have sent their proof of payment, ID, full names and surname, and membership number within the grace period of three months.


New members will pay fees on a pro rata basis depending on when they join the institute and will receive their cards upon payment. The card will expire at the end of every financial year (30 Sep). 

Only paid members will receive a membership card.

Very often payment is received through branches for their members but it is not stated who the members are or just the names are given, no membership number or ID number. Communication between the head office and the branches need to be more effective in order for members to receive their cards.

Should an old member not pay within the grace period, the membership number will stay the same but the member will be treated as a new member and the history (ie. qualifying for the continued membership awards) will be null and void. A start penalty of 10% that will accumulate by 10% for every month not paid will be implemented for those that are late or did not submit the necessary documents.

Members should also take not that the SAESI Executive Committee has also made the decision that there will be an annual inflation-related increase in all fees payable to the institute.

So keep up to date on your membership payment so as to not risk losing your membership history. Send your details to your branch representative and make sure that they communicate the correct information to head office, or alternatively send your information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or fax to 086 544 0008

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Proudly South African

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Proudly-South-AfricanAs we step into the new year, our continent is still faced with the Ebola Virus Disease threat with South Africans on edge, waiting for it to cross our borders. According to the doctors without borders (DWB), the likelihood of a tourist brining it in via air or seas is low, as the airport and port protocols are strictly adhered to. However, medical aircraft and personnel have their own protocol and are not screened as the public are. 

We have seen doctors returning to Spain and the US, and at the time of going to print, DWB have lost nine of their staff to this disease. We are the gatekeepers to keep our country safe and in this edition we have a feature that is all about the Ebola protocol, precautions, and testimonies of those that have been involved in EBV transfers in West Africa.

We don’t know what this hear will hold for our industry, the ambulance short courses still a sword hanging over all our heads, the lack of staff in Fire and Emergency, are still challenges we take into this year, but we need to overcome this. When you are out there, feel the African sun on your back, and be proudly South African, despite the obstacles in our way.

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


SAESI AGMs throughout the country

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Ilze Kubirske – Senior writer

The SAESI AGMs of respective regions were all held on Friday 28 November. The respective AGMs were held for the Cape North West, Eastern Cape, Eastern Gauteng, Free State, Greater Northern, KZN Coastal, KZN Inland, Mpumalanga, South Western Gauteng, Southern Cape.

General comments that came from the AGMs was the success of the recent Johannesburg ventilation workshop and excitement of the possibility of one being held in Durban and Cape Town as well. 

Suggestions of a SAESI year-end function or fireman’s ball was emphasised as this has not taken place in years.

Good feedback on the exam pass rate was given and on how students can be helped to improve even further.

Membership fees and those failing to pay were discussed. Those who pay their fees will receive a membership card, only those with a card will be allowed to use the name of the institute and represent. This card will be valid for a year and re-issued each year as the member pays the fees.


Sporting events were also commented on extensively, with appreciation of how it instills teamwork and pride in the job.

The 2015 SAESI Conference, Exhibition and Training event was also discussed and you should see posters up at your station soon. Enter the training events now and be sure to attend the exhibition to see the latest technology from Interschutz.

The general restructuring of SAESI is a big concern in the industry as it has become an NGO and the business structure will change accordingly, as well as the board and the management of the institute. We will be giving you more information of what to expect from the SAESI restructuring soon.

 greater north  SAESI AGM DBN-93  SAESI AGM DBN-95



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SAESI JHB smoke ventilation workshop

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Ilze Kubirske – Senior writer

The SAESI smoke ventilation workshop took place at the Midrand Conference Centre on 20 November, with engineers, delegates from the fire safety-, ventilation-, insurance-, architecture-, and risk assessment sectors attending.

SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-8 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-11 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-20

To set the scene, John Gass, director of SE Controls and member of the South African Smoke Ventilation Association (SASVA) presented the basics of smoke ventilation, fire safety, and the building requirements as per the British standards.

TJ Bezuidenhout, SASVA member and national sales and marketing manager of Curvent gave some insight into the smoke ventilation and heat control systems code (EN 12101), as well as the BS 734 standard and how this can enhance a rational design.

SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-28 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-30 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-34

Johan van den Heever of the Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa was not afraid to step on toes as he addressed insurance and fire risk assessment issues, and how theory and practice differ, with the ultimate effect of poor implementation on the public.

Morne Germishuys, station commander at the City of Johannesburg: Fire Safety Emergency Management Services spoke of fire safety and challenges and recommendations regarding approval of plans, while Trevor Williams, consulting engineer, discussed Computational Fluid Dynamics.

SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-33 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-35 SAESI vent JHB 20-11-2014-43 

Ventilation in mines can’t be ignored when addressing smoke ventilation, and Johan Maass, group fire master at Sibanye Gold enlightened delegates on ventilation and conveyor belts, and the testing thereof.

John Goring of The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) addressed the challenges between sprinklers and smoke control, while Thokozane Thabang Mkhize, action platoon commander at Sandton Fire Station gave a first-hand review of how good ventilation is key to saving lives.

Chaired by Marius Atterbury, Q&As were short and to the point, and the proceedings wrapped up by a reflection session on how these outcomes will be met.

Download the presentations:

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